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CALLIGRAPHY. A Watercolour Vignette of Children going to Church, with accompanying five Calligraphic Gothic Illuminated Gilt Verses,   c.1845
7ΒΌ x 6 ins. 8.5 x 5.2 cms. on card,
An early Victorian piece, a likely purchase from a Stationer by a Godparent for their Godchild's Christening.
Little Children must be quiet When to holy church they go They must sit with serious faces Must not talk or whisper low For the Church is God's own temple Where men go for praise and prayer And the great God will not love them Who forget His presence there There were little Jewish Children Who within the Temple cried Honour to the Son of David, Standing at our Saviours's side How much more should christian children Know His name & praise Him too Who of His own church are members Sons of God & born anew They must walk in reverent order Stand for praise and kneel for prayer For the church is God's own temple And His presence dwelleth there

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