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RETTER (Gerald, Private Soldier)
RETTER (Gerald, Private Soldier) Autograph Letter Signed in ink "My Dear Uncle and Aunt", on "Army Y.M.C.A. of India Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force" headed notepaper,  describing the conditions around after the Siege of Kut-al-Amara [Iraq],  12.3.17
4 sides, creased with a little wear, sm.4to.
"We were in a lot of work from 18th Dec. till the 3rd. Feb. & the last date was very hot with us & the enemy, we went over the top taking three lines of the Turkish trenches & held them well but sorry to say our casualties was very heavy, t'was only a matter of luck in going through alright with the Shrapnel & "live stock" we went through & in their trenches they knew the range so well with the guns & made it like "Fair Hell" all the time anyway I am not at all anxious to see such a time like it again. We was very near to Kut-el-Amara then ?.... Glad to say we have been relieved & come back to .....[deleted] about 150 miles from Kut. We march some of the journey & did the rest on boats on the River Tigris.... Xmas 1916 was anything but a pleasant one with us. We could have done with a little warning back there were getting very cold & wet wether, & was in the opened or trenches all the time. Couldn't even get the tent to go in. I did well the first couple of week in January with the parcels intended for Xmas coming out, & glad to say they were none the worst for the journey out, Could hardly realised we were so near to the Turks with the luxuries & Xmas Cakes & pudding which was such a treat out here.... I should very much like to have the thoughts of helping with the haying this year think I shall soon get used to the work when I get the luck of starting on again." He finishes "PS Sorry I cant put name of Regt. but latest are we must not do so, but its the same & alright for you to do so. Good bye".

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