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CHINA. Imperial Railways of North China - Imperial Railways of North China: Peking-Mukden Line,  Quickest Cheapest Overland Route Between Europe and China, Train Service General Information Tiensin Press, Limited, Issued by Order of the Directors 1911
32pp. folding map, 28 text illusts. cr. 8vo, original printed wrappers, outer margin of upper cover sunned, metal stitching,
The Pekin-Mukden Railwayline ??-???? was the first railway in China. It took 31 years to build and was 840 kilometers long. It started with the construction of Tangshan-Xugezhuang Railway in 1881. It could be taken as a microcosm of modern China's railway development. In the process of Chinese modernization, the development of modern transportation encountered huge resistance from the deeply conservative ruling classes. the Peking-Mukden Railway was extended section by section from Peking, the capital of the Qing Empire to the alternative capital Mukden. It was the jewel in the crown of China's railroad system. The standard gauge Peking-Mukden Railway (also known as the "Ching-Feng" and later the "Pei-Ning" line in Chinese or the "IRNC" or the "Northern Railway" in English,) passed through Tientsin and joined the Southern Manchurian Railway (SMR) at Mukden.

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