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BURTON (CAPT.SIR RICHARD FRANCIS BURTON [1821-1890]) Miscellaneous Notes in ink in his typically minute hand, on Richard Henry Major's Book on The Life of Prince Henry the Navigator (pub.1868),  including a detailed map of the region of Africa covering Tanzania, Mozambique, the Congo and Kenya in which Burton has identified various lakes including Lake Albert, Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika,  c.1871
7 pp. 8vo. on blind embossed stationery of the Atheneum Club,
Burton notes that Prince Henry 'declared that his object was to "acquire wealth, knowledge of the world and, if possible fame"', he also records references to Santiago (that it was not discovered by Antonio de Nolle but by the Portuguese Ddiego Gomes), Sierra Leone, Cape of Good Hope, Venezuela, China, Ceylon, Germany and others, mentioning Hippopotamuses (described by Cadamosto as Horse Fish), the Pillars of Hercules and explorers Christopher Columbus (who had endured 'twelve years hardship and fatigue'), Martin Behaim the cartographer and others. It hard to date these notes exactly. Burton was appointed as the British Consul in Damascus in 1868, he was recalled in August 1871. He was reassigned in 1872 to his final post in Trieste. His time in Damascus was very full, including writing, Unexplored Syria with Tyrwhitt Drake , pub.1872. Burton may well have had a stock of Atheneum Club's note paper and used them at anytime, but perhaps there was a moment in between his 2 appointments to settle in the Library to read Major's book and compose these notes? Richard Henry Major was a geographer and map librarian who curated the map collection of the British Museum from 1844 until his retirement in 1880. The Life of Prince Henry the Navigator included Major's summary of 'new facts in the discovery of the Atlantic Islands, a refutation of French claims to priority in discovery, Portuguese knowledge (subsequently lost) of the Nile Lakes and the history of the naming of America' drawn from 'authentic contemporary documents'. From 1849 until 1858, he was the Secretary of the Hakluyt Society.

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