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CHINA. China Postal Atlas  showing the Postal Establishments and Postal Routes in Each Province, Directorate of General Posts, 1933
title + 8 pp. Index map and 29 maps of the provinces, marginal staining, some edges expertly repaired, folds strengthened, Chinese index 12pp. English Index 3 pp. folio, 62 x 39 cms. original cloth binding, recased,
Chinese provinces: 1. Hopeh, 2. Jehol, 3. Shansi, 4. Shiyüan, 5. Chahar, 6. Shensi, 7. Kansu and Ningsia, 8. Sinkiang, 9. Manchuria, 10. Manchuria Central Section, 11. Manchuria South Section, 12. Shantung, 13. Honan, 14. Hupeh, 15. Szechwan, 16. Kiangsu, 17. Kiangsu South Section, 18. Anhwei, 19. Chekiang, 20. Kiangsi, 21. Hunan, 22. Fukien, 23. Kwangtung, 24. Kwangtung Central Section, 25. Kwangsi, 26. Kweichow, 27. Yünnan, 28. Mongolia, 29. Tibet, Tsinghai and Sikang. Charles Jacot-Guillarmod (1868-1925) the Swiss mapmaker and topographer, worked at the Federal Office of Topography from 1890 to 1914. He was recruited by the Chinese government to teach Geodesy and Topography at the Beijing Military School from 1916 to 1922, and was contracted revise and to produce the 1919 edition of the Postal Atlas. The first issue was produced in 1906. This third edition based on Jacot-Guillarmod revisions, claims the work "with the exception of the printing, has been carried out by the staff of the Chinese Post Office."

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