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PHILIPPINES. Real Cédula de Ereccion de la Compania de Filipinas  de 10 de marzo de 1785 Joaquin Ibarra, 1785
Royal Coat of Arms engraved frontispiece, title + 57 pp. washed, ownership signature on frontis. faded, folio, contemporary style half red morocco, spine gilt in compartments,
Palau XV.249957, STC S662. "In the latter part of the 18th century the Bourbon kings in Madrid and their reformist advisers acknowledged that Spain's indifference to the development of her farthest possession had become anachronistic and economically insupportable. the Royal Philippine Company, established in 1785, was one of a series of initiatives designed to stimulate Philippine Agriculture and industry and to transform Manila from a modest, tightly repstricted entrpôt for the Acapulco galleon into a thriving emporium from where Philippine and other Asian products would be shipped directly to the Peninsula in exchange for imports from Spain and Europe. In its Charter the Company was awarded a 25 year monopoly of the direct Cadiz - Manila traffic... 9until) its demise in 1834, theyear in which the port of Manila was formerly opened to foreign vessels" - Richardson Philippine [World Bib. Series v. 106] p.53. "TYhe shock to Manila was terrible the announcement of the fformation of the Compaña was received with enormous hostility" O.H.K.Spate, Monopolists and Freebooters, p.287

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