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LOTI (Pierre. pseud de Louis Marie-Julien Viaud 1850-1923 Writer)
LOTI (Pierre. pseud de Louis Marie-Julien Viaud 1850-1923 Writer) A Fine Autograph Letter Signed to Princess Letizia Maria Bonaparte 'Madame', from inside the Dowager Empress of China's Palace in Peking,  he reports that he had been living "depuis une semaine, dans un luxe féerie" on the edge of a Lotus lake under the guard of a few soldiers "dans solitude exquisite", solitude a little funereal at night, because of the ruins and dead bodies, "Je suis dans un grand lit fantastique,..."  Pékin Palais de l'Impèratrice, 26 Octbre, 1900
4 pp. foredge of the first page strengthened without loss of text, [with] Derniers Jours de Pékin, First Edition, name on title, cr.8vo. contemporary half vellum, Paris, Calmann Levy, [1901]
During the autumn of 1900, from the 20th October until the 3rd November, Pierre Loti resided in the Forbidden City. He went to China as part of the International Expedition sent to clear up after the Boxer Rebellion, which he describes in Les Derniers Jours de Pékin, Paris 1901. In this elegant letter he touches lightly on his experiences in the Palace, "Je suis là, sous la garde d'un petit poste de soldats, dans une solitude exquisite, - solitude un peu funèbre la nuit, à cause de tout de ruines et de cadavres abattant". In his book he devotes over 200 pages to describing the Forbidden City after the ravages of War and plunder, his fascination with the place, his appreciation of Chinese Art through opium, and the macabre sights of drained moats and lotus pools, the richness of bibelots, artifacts and fine clothing, contrasting it with the death and decay of the unburied, and the rotting architecture. .

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