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ADAMS (Sebastian C. & J. Paine illust.)
ADAMS (Sebastian C. & J. Paine illust.) ADAMS Illustrated Panorama of Universal History,  A chronological chart of Ancient, Modern and Biblical History Sychronized by Sebastan C. Adams, Colby & Co. 1883
Fifth Edition, 21 glazed coloured lithograph plates mounted on linen, folded to 28 x 13 ins. opening out to 23ft,original half green morocco, with title in gilt on upper cover, some minor loss at a few folds, dampstain to the linen,
This gigantic panoramic diagram charts the history of the world from a Biblical or Creationist perspective, starting with the creation of Adam in 4004 B.C. and ending in 1881. The last recorded item is the erection of an Egyptian Obelisk from Heliopolis, in Central Park New York donated by Wlilliam H. Vandebilt in February 1881.
At the end of the chart Adams shows the currently reigning world rulers, discusses the development of the United States, and even offers a breakdown of historically important technological developments. Adams also interestingly attempts to reconcile Biblical with Global history, associating for example, Noah, with Yao, a legendary figure in early Chinese mythology.

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