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BURTON (Capt. Sir Richard Francis 1821-1890, Traveller, Explorer and Linguist)
BURTON (Capt. Sir Richard Francis 1821-1890, Traveller, Explorer and Linguist) Four Autograph Recipes, unsigned, for "Gurathee" [a form of snuff],  made from tobacco, "gur" (molasses), soft fruit and "gulkhand" (rose petal conserve), "mix well and bury for month", for "Melted butter" thickened with cream and flour "fit only for the workhouse", "Sherbet", and "Indian Brandy- mixture" for "Journeys Fever Anaemia Hospitals",  c.1850
1 side, folio, with transcription, later identification in ink at head 'given me by Richard Burton',
Richard Burton joined the East India company in 1842 and spent 7 years in India. These Receipts would appear to date from this period. Burton's interest (and active participation) in the cultures and religions of India was considered peculiar by some of his fellow soldiers who accused him of "going native" and called him "the White Nigger". Burton had many peculiar habits that set him apart from other soldiers. While in the army, he kept a large menagerie of tame monkeys in the hopes of learning their language. He also earned the name "Ruffian Dick" for his "demonic ferocity as a fighter and because he had fought in single combat more enemies than perhaps any other man of his time". Transcription - Gurathee 1 Sn Tobacco 2 Sns gur 1/8 Sn Preserve Rasberry best; Strawberry) 1/8 gulkhand Conserve of Roses Mix well and bury for a month Melted butter Slowly melt in clean pot and gently add cream till it is thickening; flour etc. fit only for the workhouse. Sherbert 2 bottles boiling water Peel of 1 lime 2 teaspoons Cream tartar Sugar à discretion Indian Brandy Mixture Journeys Fever Anaemia Hospitals 4 spoons cognac 8 water Sugar Cinnamon Cloves

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