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JAMES (Edwin) ALS to Oliveira,  with news of his meetings with Garibaldi, Hotel Vittoria, Naples, Saturday Sept. 8, [1860]
4 pp. 8vo, signs of mounting,
"Amidst the enthusiasm of the whole population Garibaldi entered this city yesterday, I was with him & had gone to join him at Eboli... & had two interviews with him... No pen can describe the enthusiasm of the people her but I fear excess on the part of the people. We go on to Rome at once - a provisional Government will be formed at once & the feeling of the people for Annexation to Piedmont is strong." Having conquered Sicily, Garibaldi & his Risorgimento forces entered Naples on the 7th of September 1860. He then declared himself Dictator of the Two Sicilies and after a battle on the Volturno, he held a plebiscite which enabled him to offer this part of a United Italy to Victor Emmanuel II of Piedmont Sardinia. Edwin John James (1812-82) barrister and sometime actor, engaged for the Palmer poisoning case of 1856 and in the trial of Dr. Bernard for conspiring with Orsini to assassinate Napoleon III in 1858. In the autumn of 1860 he visited Garibaldi's camp and was present at the skirmish of Capua, and was a champion of his cause in England.

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