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INDIA - GANDHARA. Fragment of a Gandharan Frieze depicting the Buddha Under a Palm Tree  surrounded by eight acolytes, his palm facing outward with fingers extended, the gesture of Peace, Benevolence and Protection, flanked by 2 pillars with a dog tooth decoration above and below,  Second - Third Century A.D.
10 x 7¼ x 2¼ ins. grey green slate or schist,
The Gandharan region's culture was essentially influenced by late Greek Empire through the campaigns of Alexander the Great. Here originated the first portrayals of the Buddha. This frieze shows the historical Buddha Shakyamuni in the center seated in meditation on a pedestal. One hand is raised in the gesture of protection abhayamudra. He is accompanied by eight acolytes. Typical for Gandhara is the toga-like robe (shoulder is not bared yet as usual in later Buddha depictions) as well as the combed-back wavy hair. The Greco-Roman influence is demonstrated also by the columns bordering the fries on the side.

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