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TURKEY. "Turkish Prisoner of War 1917"   1917
a handmade wool pile rug on cotton base, showing a mosque and a potted plant, on a black ground, bordered with a lozenge design, 41 x 25 ins.
During the Great War, at least 217,746 Ottomans were taken captive by the Entente on one of the various fronts where Ottomans fought. About 150,000 of them were captured by the British. Ottomans fought on four intensive fronts - the Caucasus, Dardanelles (Gallipoli), Sinai-Palestine and Mesopotamia-Iraq -, and several less intensive fronts - Arabia-Yemen, Persia, Azerbaijan, Romania, Galicia and Macedonia. Ottoman prisoners captured by the British were interned in Egypt, India, Burma (now Myanmar), Cyprus and Mesopotamia. In their prison camps there can have been frugal facilities, but the making of rugs would not only have occupied the prisoners but amused their captors, providing momentos and cash or pivileges in their harsh conditions.

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