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MEDICI.  HAELWEGH (Adrian, Dutch Engraver 1639-1700)
MEDICI. HAELWEGH (Adrian, Dutch Engraver 1639-1700) An Album of 32 Engraved Portraits of the Medici Family,  Ovals within decorative borders, spandrels, titles on pediment, including a portrait of Ferdinando son of Cosimo III engraved by François Spierre (1643-1681) dated on the plate 1659, fine strong impressions,  [1660]
350 x 250 mm. bound together in 18th century mottled calf, red leather label "Dukes of Savoye", joints cracked, leather worn, from the Collection of Alfred Jones, signed by him in ink on the first plate, donated to Bath Reference Library in 1915 with their Book plate on the inside front cover, ink class mark '50:Dd:3' there are no other stamps or marks,
This series of engraved portraits of the Medici family was commissioned by Leopoldo de' Medici [1617-1675]. Adriaen Haelwegh was born in Deventer. He worked in Amsterdam, primarily on portraits and book illustration. He moved to Italy in the 1660s. The British Museum has thirty one portraits from the series, beginning with Cosimo I and finishing with Ferdinando III (See note to BM 1871,1209.224, HOLLSTEIN Dutch Engravings Volume Goltzius - Heem 1. ‘Cosmus I Iohannis Medices Cognomento Invictif: Magnus Dux e Trvriae Primus. . .’ Cosimo I de' Medici [1519- 1574] the first Grand Duke of Tuscany. Signature of Collector A. Jones in ink, over title. 2. ‘Eleonora Toletana. . .’ Eleonora di Toleddo [1522-62]. Wife of Cosimo I de' Medici, daughter of Don Pedro Álvarez de Toledo, Viceroy of Naples. 3. ‘Petrus ab Etruria. . .’ Pietro [1554-1604] Son of Cosimo I 4. ‘Johannes ab Eturia. . .’ Giovanni [1543-1562] Son of Cosimo I, Cardinal and Bishop of Pisa 5. ‘Garsias Ab Eturia. . .’ Garzia [1547-1562] Son of Cosimo I. 6. ‘Maria ab Eturia. . .’. Maria [1540-1557] Daughter of Cosimo I 7. ‘Lucretia ab Eturia. . .’ Lucrezia [1545-1561] Daughter of Cosimo I, Wife of Alfonso II d’Este Duke of Ferrara and Modena 8. ‘Fransiscus I. . .’ Francesco I [1541- 1587] Son of Cosimo I, second Duke of Tuscany 9. ‘Iohanna Austriaca. . .’ Joanna of Austria [1547-1578] Wife of Francesco I, daughter of Emperor Ferdinand of Austria 10. ‘Maria ab Eturia. . .’ Marie de Medici [1575-1642] Daughter of Francesco I, wife of Henry IV of France 11. ‘Ferdinandus I. . .’ Ferdinando I [1549-1609] Son of Cosimo I, third Duke of Tuscany 12. ‘Christina a Lotharingia. . .’ Christina of Lorraine [1565-1637] Wife of Ferdinando I 13. ‘Claudia ab Eturia. . .’ Claudia [1604-1648] Daughter of Ferdinando I, Regent of the Austrian Tyrol 14. ‘Franciscus ab Etruria. . .’ Francesco [1594-1614] Son of Ferdinando I 15. ‘Eleonora ab Etruria. . .’ Eleonora [1591-1617] Daughter of Ferdinando I 16. ‘Catharina ab Eturia. . .’ Caterina [1593-1629] Daughter of Ferdinando I, wife of Ferdinando, duke of Mantua 17. ‘Laurentius ab Etruria. . .’ Lorenzo [1599-1648] Son of Ferdinando I 18. ‘Carolus ab Etruria. . .’ Carlo [1595-1666] Cardinal, Son of Ferdinand I 19. ‘Cosmus II. . .’ Cosimo II [1590-1621] Son of Ferdinando I, Grand Duke of Tuscany 20. ‘Maria Magdalena Austriaca. . .’ Maria Magdalena of Austria [1589-1631] Wife of Cosimo II 21. ‘Franciscus ab Etruria. . .’ Francesco [1594-1614] Son of Cosimo II 22. ‘ Johannes Carolus ab Etruria. . .’ Giancarlo [1611-1663] Son of Cosimo II, Cardinal 23. ‘Leopoldus ab Etruria. . .’ Leopoldo [1617-1675] Son of Cosimo II, Cardinal, scholar, patron of the arts and Governor of Siena 24. ‘Mattias ab Etruria. . .’ Mattias [1613-1667] Son of Cosimo II. 25. ‘Anna ab Etruria. . .’ Anna [1616-1676] Daughter of Cosimo II, wife of Ferdinand Charles, Archduke of Austria 26. ‘Margarita ab Etruria. . .’ Margherita [1612-1679] Daughter of Cosimo II, wife of Odoardo Farnese, Duke of Parma 27. ‘Ferdinandus. II. . .’ Ferdinando II de' Medici [1610-1670] Son of Cosimo II. Grand Duke of Tuscany 28. ‘Victoria Roborea. . .’ Vittoria della Rovere [1622-1694] Wife of Ferdinando II 29. ‘Franciscus Maria ab Eturia. . .’ Francesco Maria [1660-1711] Son of Ferdinando II 30. ‘Cosimus Tertius. . .’ Cosimo III de' Medici [1642-1723] Son of Ferdinando II. Grand Duke of Tuscany 31. ‘Margaretha Aloysia Aurelianensis. . .’ Marguerite Louise d'Orléans [1645-1721] Wife of Cosimo III 32. Three quarter length Portrait of Ferdinando II, three-quarter length, in armour, with legend commencing, ‘se al gran genio real scoperse il cielo . . .’ dated 1659, engraved by Franciscus Spierre Lotaringus Francois Spierre [1643-1681] was a French engraver who trained in Paris and moved to Rome in 1659, where he remained for the rest of his life.

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