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SCOTLAND. A Document in French Listing Expenditure of Auxiliary Troops  Sent by the French King Francis I to the Scots after their victorious Battle of Ancrum Moor over Henry VIII,  1545
7½ x 10½ ins. on vellum,
As his reign drew to a close, King Henry VIII sought to secure the alliance of Scotland and the marriage of the infant Mary, Queen of Scots, to his son Edward. He had the support of some Scots nobles who had been taken prisoner at the Battle of Solway Moss and mixed diplomacy with the threat of force, but in December 1543, the Scottish Parliament, after much internal dissension, decided to reject Henry's overtures and instead renew the alliance with France. Henry's reaction was to declare war against Scotland. After the Battle of Ancrum Moor in 1545 when the Scots defeated a superior English Force, the French King started sending troops to support his Scottish ally.

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