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NAPOLEON IST (Emperor  1769-1821)
NAPOLEON IST (Emperor 1769-1821) Fine Letter Signed "Np" to his step son Eugène de Beauharnais "Prince Vice Roi",  concerning Italy,  April 14, 1812
11 lines 7¼ x 9 ins, 18.5 x 23
Thia letter was written as Napoleon was maneuvering his army before his invasion of Russia. "My Son, organize Italy as you did it for your absence during the last Campaign, either by charging Melzi to preside over the ministers, or by taking any other measures which will seem most useful to you. Carry on for May and June after which go to Paris, the soonest possible. You will remain there three or four days during which, after hearing from you, I shall take definitive measures for Italy: and from there proceed with speed to Glogu to rejoin your army corps." Eugène ruled Italy from 1805, when he was 24, until his abdication after the defeat of Napoleon, in 1814. The French Grande Armée began its invasion of Russia on June 16, 1812 and Eugène distinguished himself at the Battle of Borodino in September that year.

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