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PEPPLE I, King William Dappa, of Bonny, Niger Coast)
PEPPLE I, King William Dappa, of Bonny, Niger Coast) Letter Signed "Pepple",  at the end of his exile in England, to Messrs. Thos. Tobin & Son, asking them to place at his disposal in Liverpool 200 barrels of gunpowder "as my time to depart from England & return to Bonny is drawing near", and explaning his terms, "The conditions of payment to be, that their value be deducted from "convey" to be received by me from your ships in the Bonny in futire transactions of business",  5th Sept. 1860
2 pp. 8vo, 7 x 4½ ins. signs of mounting, and creasing,
The Kingdom of Bonny is a traditional state based on the town of Bonny in Rivers State, Nigeria. Founded in the 14th Century AD it became an important slave trading port, later trading palm oil products. During the 19th century the British became increasingly involved with the internal affairs of the kingdom, and assumed control in 1866 under a Protectorate Treaty. William Dappa Pepple ascended the throne in 1830. He became increasingly incompetent, and after a stroke in 1852 there was much opposition to his rule. In 1854 the British deported him. His successor King Dapu Fubara II ("Dappo") was appointed in his place, but died on 13 August 1855. The acting British Consul in the Bight of Biafra J.W.B Lynslager appointed Anne Pepple, Ada Allison, Capt. Hart and Manilla Pepple as a regency council who were require to consult with Bannego and Oko Jumbo "two gentlemen of the River". In the ensuing muddle the British restored King Pepple I in 1861, which resulted in a period of relative peace and calm until his death on 30th September 1866. He was succeeded by his British educated son, King George Oruigbiji Pepple II.

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