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MOZAMBIQUE. A Wooden Goblet decorated in geometric designs  in the style of the Giryama, bearing the name "FELISA NABEIRA" around the upper part of cup,  c.1700
7 ins. high, 4 ins. diameter, made from a single piece of wood, rim worn, crack down one side, uneven patina,
An unusual example of native art being used for an article of european use. This well worn goblet must have been made at the instigation of a Portuguese Trader or Merchant for his wife or paramoor, the words around the edge of the cup being a rebus, for "Happiness within the rim". The history of the Portuguese in East Africa dates back to the visit of Vasco da Gama in 1502. There was a period of stagnation when Spain and Portugal had a joint sovereign in the 17th century, but there was towards the end of that century an increase in trade and missionary activity from Portugal.

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