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PERSIA. Nasir od-Din Shahanshah, (1848-1896)
PERSIA. Nasir od-Din Shahanshah, (1848-1896) A Fine Cabinet Photograph of the Shah of Persia  Elliot and Fry, [1873]
5¾ x 4 ins.
The Shah was born in 1831, and visited Europe in 1873, 1878,& 1889. He was the first Shah to do so and gave rise to many apochraphal, amusing and macabre stories of his visits. The story of his visit to Wormwood Scrubs and on being shown the Gallows and told that nobody was about to be executed, offered one of his own entourage. When finger bowls of water were served at a banquet at Buckingham Palace, his host the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, was much amused at the Shah drinking the contents, that he drained is own.

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