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OGAWA (K.) & James Murdoch.
OGAWA (K.) & James Murdoch. The Nikko District, Illustrated by ...  with descriptive text, Kelly & Walsh, 
chromolithograph frontis. portrait, & 47 collotype plates, gilt flecked endpapers, oblong folio, original woven silk cloth boards, all edges gilt, original box worn,
The Plates are titled - Haiden of Shirine of Iyemitsu. Portrait of Iyeyasu (Aet.71) Painted by Himself in Front of a Mirror. I. Avenue of Cryptomerias on the Nikko Kaido. II. The Nikko Mountains from the Railway Station. III. The village of Hachi-ishi from Kwannon Yama. IV. Hotoke-Iwa from Kwannon-Yamma. V. The Red Bridge. VI. The Three-Storied Pagoda. VII. Avenue leading up to the Niomon of Iyeyasu's Shrine. VIII. General view of the Mangwanji. IX Sambusudo - Sorinto - Garden of the Mangwanji. X. General view of Torii and the Five-storied Pagoda. XI. Five-Storied Pagoda. XII. Niomon of Iyeyasu's Shrine. XIII. General view of First Court-yard of Iyeyasu's Shrine. XIV. Monkeys of the Three Countries - Nemuri-neko (Sleeping Cat). XV. Drum Tower - Bell Tower - Moth-Eaten Bell - Dutch Cadelabrum. XVI. Yomei Gate. XVII. Shut - Open - Side View - Inside Karamon. XVIII. The Shinto Priestess about to dance the sacred dance. XIX. Side-view of the Haiden of Iyeyasu's Shrine. XX. Interior of the Haiden of Iyeyasu's Shrine. XXI. Oai-no-ma. The interior of the ante chamber in the Haiden of Iyeyasu's Shrine. XXII. Oai-no-ma. XXIII. Panel of Oai-no-ma. XXIV. General View of the Shrine from beneath the Tomb. XXIV. Tomb of Iyeyasu. XXVI. Futaara-Jinja. XXVII. Shrine of Iyemitsu -Haiden - 2nd Gate - Yashamon. XXVIII. Fu-jin - Rai-jin. XXIX. Interior of Haiden of Shrine of Tyemitsu. XXX. Haiden of Shrine of Iyemitsu. XXXI. Haiden of Shrine of Iyemitsu. XXXII. Door of Haiden of Shrine of Iyemitsu. XXXIII. Cenotaphs of the Abbots. XXXIV. View from the right of Nikko Hotel (Jan.1893). XXXV. Kamman-ga-fuchi. XXXVI. The Countless Jizo. XXXVII. Dai-nichi-do. XXXVIII. Urami - Jikan. XXXIX. First Cascade of Jakko. XL. Kegon. XLI. Outlet of Lake Chiuzenji. XLII. Nantai-zan and Lake Chiuzenji. XLIII. Village of Chiuzenji. XLIV. On the road from Chiuzeuji to Yumoto. XLV. Cascade of the Dragon's Head above Chiuzenji. XLVI. Senjo-ga-hara. XLVII. Yumoto.

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