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AFGHANISTAN. "War Rug" Map of Afghanistan,   2008
a handmade wool pile rug on cotton base, depicting in outline, a map of Afghanistan, infilled with tanks and aircraft, a strip or "road" with tanks going towards Russia, around the edge guns, helicopters and tanks, Afghan Flag, with text in English "2008, The Afghanistans, Rcoa and Ashek, Made in Afghanistan", 31 x 23½ ins. 80-100 kpsi,
The Phenomenon of the Afghan War Rug dates from the Russian Invasion in 1979 and the subsequent American Invasion and Occupation in the early years of this Century. The making of rugs is a craft that stretches back over 1000 years, mostly of traditional designs and patterns. The War Rug, while using the traditional techniques uses the images and symbols of War that the people see around them all the time, from magazine and press photos, portraits of military leaders, flags, maps and even images of the Twin Towers in New York.
They were not designed for propaganda, but for sale to the troops, aid workers and any other incoming worker, for hard cash. Many have been made in refugee communities in Pakistan and elsewhere. In his book on War Rugs, Enrico Mascelloni considers them "One of the most perturbing Modern Novelties of the late twentieth century," and that they represent the boldest of contemporary art. They have inspired Western Art Markets and Galleries across the Globe, with exhibitions from New York to Milan, London and in Bridport, Dorset.

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