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DUNNE (Capt. F.P.)[ General Francis Plunkett Dunne of Brittas�d.1874]
DUNNE (Capt. F.P.)[ General Francis Plunkett Dunne of Brittasd.1874] "Croquis du Promontaire de Punta",  a fine signed detailed hand drawn and coloured map of the Peninsula south of Préveza, with a route marked in red from the coast across a marsh marked "Marais" to approximately above the position of the town of Vonitza on the Gulf of Amvrakikós, another Turkish Fort,   c.1830
14 x 13 ins. signed, 2 horizontal creases, laid down on card,
The town and Fort of Preveza had been in the possession of Ali Pasha of Ioannina and presumably he held the straits into the Gulf of Amvrakikos. Dunne, in this detailed and attractive survey, shows a route through the marsh, avoiding neatly the Turkish Forts. This War, which had been going on since 1821 between Greece who wanted independence from Turkey, was finally brought to an end in 1832 with the Battle of Navarino, when the combined naval forces of Britain, France and Russia, defeated those of the Egyptian-Turkish fleet. This map points to the fact that the European forces, certainly the British, were doing reconnaissance work along the western coast of Greece prior to the decisive battle. Lord Byron had been attracted by this war and had enlisted a regiment of soldiers in January 1824. He died later that year in April of marsh fever. Dunne was commissioned as a Cornet in the 7th Dragoon Guards in 1823, and purchased promotions to Lieutenant in 1825 and Captain in 1826. Shortly after the latter promotion he was placed on half pay, but exchanged into the 10th Foot in 1829, serving with that regiment for the remainder of his active career. For much of that time the 10th was stationed in the Ionian Islands, and Dunne was awarded the Order of St Saviour of Greece.

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