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TURSELLIN [(Orazio)]
TURSELLIN [(Orazio)] Histoire Universelle  traduit du Latin du P. Tursellin Jesuite, Avec des Notes sur l'Histoire, la Fable, et la Geographie, Nicolas Simart, Paris, 1706
portrait, xxxiv + 1-524 + xxxiv, ii + 525-602 + 1-380 + xxvi, ii + 381-782 + xvi pp. 3 vols, contemporary pink skiver spines, marbled boards, worn, edges uncut, unpressed, Bookplate of Thomas Knolwys Parr,
Considered the best edition of his Histoire, for its detailed notes, by Abbe Ladvocat in the Dictionaire Historique-Portatif 1755. Toursellino, a native of Italy and a Jesuit, 1549-1599 was best known for his Life of St. Francis Xavier and his travels through India, China and Japan. Although not a traveller himself, he had the unrivalled resources of the Vatican and the Jesuits. He records the Wars between the Turks and the Venetian Republic, Eastern Potentates, Henry VIII and his "maitresse" Anne Boleyn, corrupt Popes, the New World of America and Jesuit Expansion.

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