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CLIVE. Macauley (Lord Thomas Babington)
CLIVE. Macauley (Lord Thomas Babington) Lord Clive,  1892 
First Separate Edition, cr.8vo, original cloth,
This first came out in Critical and Historical Essays contributed to the Edinburgh Review in 1843. This famous essay which is in the form of a review of Malcolm's Life of Clive, is a magisterial compound of praise and blame - praise for his statesmanship and blame for venality. But his vivid description of the returned `nabobs' in England, of whom Clive was the chief, and of their baneful influence, turned the scales of criticism against him. Macaulay's other achievement, by his recension of Holwell's narrative, was to fix that lurid account of the Black Hole indelibly on the British mind, so that even today popular works can treat it as almost the one thing needful for a knowledge of eighteenth century India. - Spear, Master of Bengal.

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