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LAWRENCE (David Herbert)
LAWRENCE (David Herbert) A Fine Long Autograph Letter Signed "D.H.L.", to his sister-in-law Else Jaffe,  complaining bitterly in the wake of Lady Chatterley's publication, of the Police raid in June 1929 on his exhibition of paintings at the Warren Gallery in London, when a number of his paintings were confiscated,   Hotel Löwen, Lichtenthal, 13 Aug 1929
502 words, 4 sides sm.4to, each page 7 x 5½ ins, on lined paper watermarked "ELS", overall size 7 x 11 ins. folded, marginal ink stains, faint rust stain on central fold,
"Dear Else, Hans says it rains in Bavaria, and Max Mohr says it rains in Bavaria, so I suppose it does. Only now I hope it has left off. Here it is quite decent, sunny mornings, cloudy afternoons, and quite pleasant. The Schwiegermutter [mother-in-law] is here, but she says she will go back to the Stift on Thursday. On Friday her 'heissgeliebte Anita' [dearly-beloved Anita] is due to arrive, with the nichtsoheissgeliebter - aberdochgeliebter Hinke [not-so-dearly-beloved - but-still-beloved Hinke]: they will stay a while here in the Löwen. I have never met the Hinke, so I have a joy in store. We had the 50th Geburtstagfeier [birthday celebration] on Sunday evening, very noble, Bowle, trout, ducks, and nine people - 3 Halms, 2 Schweikharts, 1 Kugler - and they all seemed very happy and we all kept it up very bravely. But alas, next day Frieda was in one of the worst moods I have ever seen her in! - a seelenkater [spiritual hangover], or however you spell it. You hear the pictures are to be returned to me, on condition they are never shown again in England, but sent away to me on the Continent, that they may never pollute that island of lily-livered angels again. What hypocrisy and poltroonery, and how I detest and despise my England. I had rather be a German or anything than belong to such a nation of craven, cowardly hypocrites. My curse on them! They will burn my four picture books, will they? So it is decreed. But they shall burn through the thread of their own existence as a nation, at the same time. Delenda est Cartago! [Carthage must be destroyed!] - but she will destroy herself, amply. Che muoia! [May she drop dead!]"
After a complaint about the Warren Gallery Exhibition, the police seized thirteen of the twenty-five paintings (including Boccaccio Story and Contadini). Despite declarations of support from many writers, artists and members of Parliament, Lawrence was able to recover his paintings only by agreeing never to exhibit them in England again. The largest collection of the paintings is now at La Fonda de Taos hotel in Taos, New Mexico. Several others, including Boccaccio Story and Resurrection, are at the Humanities Research Centre of the University of Texas at Austin. The Paintings of D.H. Lawrence was published by the Mandrake Press in 1929. "Your mother says we are to stay here till middle September. I hope not. We have been here a month on Thursday, and when the heissgeliebte [cherished] Annie is here we shall surely be a superfluity. I should like to move in another week or ten days. Shall we come to Bavaria, to Rottach, do you think? or best go south to Lugano? I wonder if Hans is setting off across the mountains!
We are going to tea with some Taormina friends, Americans, who are staying in the Stephanie! Your mother says: Du wirst was schönes sehen, das Stephanie! [You will see something beautiful, the Stephanie!] - It is all I can do not to make some really rude remark. I am so sick of all those old lies. It is terrible to be old, one becomes a bottle of old, but never mellow lies - lies, lies, lies! everything. Weisheit der Alten! [Wisdom of the aged!] - 19th Century lies. Well I hope it's pleasant in Irschenhausen. Only today I threw away the flowers you gathered when you were here - and the Toadflax (wilde Löwenmäule [wild snapdragon]) were still fresh. Yrs D.H.L.
Remember me to Alfred, and Hans - and is Marianne better?"
The Letters of D.H.Lawrence, Volume VII. 1928-30. Edited by Keith Sagar & James T. Boulton. 1993. Cambridge University Press [Cambridge, 1993]. p422-423. At that time in the collection of Frederick Jeffrey, thence public auction. The references are to Hans [Jaffe] was Else's youngest child; Anita [von Hinke] was the daughter of Frieda's younger sister Johanna; Hinke [Ernest von Hinke] who Anita married in 1922; Marianne was Else's daughter.

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