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BALLON MONTÉ. Shannon (Charles R.)
BALLON MONTÉ. Shannon (Charles R.) Autograph Letter Signed "My dearest Fred In spite of the abominable bombardment the Batignolles have been so far spared"  "But should that quarter become dangerous we can go to some friends in the Rue des Petites Ecuries which is quite central. I was told yesterday that all the English in Paris had no kind of protection. I know that at the British Embassy no one has remained with the exception of the Porter and his wife. I always imagined that Washburne had taken charge of the British subjects but it would seem not. I shall go to the American legation and if what I am told is true I must say that I cannot understand the way in which England is acting thro' this frightful war! The letter addressed to the Prussians and signed by the neutral Representatives in Paris is the tamest stuff I ever read",  19th Jan. 1871
3 sides 8vo, integral envelope inscribed "Par Ballon Monté Mr. Frederic Shannon, Messrs.Coutts Cie, 59 Strand, Londres", brown 30 centimes stamp, indistinct Place de la Bourse, counter stamped London W.C. 75 JA 23 71, Paid, small hole near seal with loss, small tear to foredge complete,
Ballon Monté a French expression meaning "balloon with pilot". It can be found on mail during the siege of Paris (1870-71). For this a higher rate of postage was charged. Balloons were used because there were no other way to leave the city as the Germans had surrounded the town. The first ascent was made on 23rd September, 1870. The Siege lasted until the 28th of January 1871.

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