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BALLON MONTÉ. Shannon (Charles R.)
BALLON MONTÉ. Shannon (Charles R.) Autograph Letter Signed "My dearest Fred, Since my last nothing new"  "For some days we all expected an armistice but during the week nothing has been said on the subject. I suppose you know the new system of telegrams",  No. 7 Vendredi 18 Novembre 1870
1 side 8vo on" Dépêche-Ballon Journal des Évenements du Siège" headed paper printed with a summary of events 2pp. integral envelope lilac 30 centime stamp "Monsieur Frederick Shannon / Messrs. Coutt & Co. ' 59 Strand, Londres", Place de la Bourse, "PD" stamp, counter stamped London W.C. Y.6 No 23 70 Paid,
Ballon Monté a French expression meaning "balloon with pilot". It can be found on mail during the siege of Paris (1870-71). For this a higher rate of postage was charged. Balloons were used because there were no other way to leave the city as the Germans had surrounded the town. The first ascent was made on 23rd September, 1870. The Siege lasted until the 28th of January 1871.

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