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DUFFERIN & AVA (Harriot, Marchioness)
DUFFERIN & AVA (Harriot, Marchioness) A Fine Woodburytype Portrait of Lady Harriot Marchoness of Dufferin and Ava,   Barraud, 
9½ x 7 ins.
A sensitive and lively woman who perfectly complimented her husbands political writings, with her secular observations. She accompanied her husband to Canada as Governor General, and to India as Viceroy. In her Journals 1884-89, she says of an Indian prize giving she laments the fact that the prize dolls were dressed in the height of European Fashions. " It was most amusing to see them coming up for their prizes, but I grieve to say that the symptoms of European Costume are to be seen amongst them... and I was an unwilling accomplice, for I had to give out English Cotton Jackets, and dolls dressed in the height of fashion and well calculated to spoil the taste of the rising generation."

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