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LORRAIN (J.HERBERT) Aro Ishor-ke Doying-e.  "The Story of the True God," in the Arbor-Miri Language, The American Baptist Missionary Union, and the Calcutta Christian Tract and Book Society, 1908
title + xiii + 402, original leather binding with the label of the S.P.C.K. Press in Madras, edges worn and spine defective,
Lorrain is described a "One of the Pioneer Missionaries to the Lushais and Abors", Hill Tribes, the former living in the lands between Burma and Bengal, the latter in the Himalayas between Upper Assam and Tibet. In his preface he says "while writing the bulk of this work in the Padam Abor dialect, has often used words belonging properly to the Miris, when such words seemed to him to be more universally understood than the corresponding words in Padam. Any reader, moreover, coming across a word in the text that he does not understand, has only to turn to the Glossary at the end of the book in order to find the corresponding word in his own dialect."

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