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CHINA. Chen Huan-Chang.
CHINA. Chen Huan-Chang. Full Length Charcoal Sketch from Life holding a Jui Wand, by Erna Platchte (1893-1986)  Official Artist to the League of Nations in Geneva,   [1935]
14 x 8 ins. 35.5 x 20 cms. on paper, Signed and captioned by the artist "Geneva", inscribed in Chinese and English Script "Chen Huang-Chan",
Chen Huan-Chang, was a civil servant in the last years of the Qing Empire. After a traditional education in classical Chinese, Chen befriended and became a student of the great reforming scholar and leader Kang Yu-wei, who deepened and broadened his knowledge of Confucianism. Finally, he went to the USA and took a Ph.D. in economics at Columbia University, studying with such noted names as Edwin Seligman and John Bates Clark.
Uniquely, Chen was trained in both classical and reformist Chinese schools and Western economic thought. It is from this perspective that he wrote "The Economic Principles of Confucius and His School", in 1911, the year of the collapse of the Chinese Empire. It is a meticulous comparison and contrasting of classical Chinese and classical Western economic doctrines. His reformist position means that he does not automatically defend the Chinese. Erna Platchte was known for his work at the League of Nations between 1933 and 1936. He was a War Artist during the First World War. He was later exiled to Britain, where he taught at the Russian School in Oxford.
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