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WALLOP (Robert 1601-1667) Thomas Challoner (1595-1661), Henry, 10th Earl of Kent (1594-1651) Sir Richard Knightley, Gregory Norton & James Semple.
WALLOP (Robert 1601-1667) Thomas Challoner (1595-1661), Henry, 10th Earl of Kent (1594-1651) Sir Richard Knightley, Gregory Norton & James Semple. A Fine Letter Signed from these Commissioners for Irish Affairs, to "Our very loving friends Colonell Chudleigh Coote, Colonell John Moore and Colonell Roger Fenwick", Contractors,  for shipping Parliamentary horses and men over to Ulster to augment the forces opposing the Royalists there,  Westminster 15th September, 1646
Robert Wallop, 1601-1667, Regicide, was a Commissioner of the High Court of Justice that tried Charles I. He was absent from the sentencing and did not sign the Death Warrant. After the Resoration he was imprisoned in the Tower from 1661 until his death. He protested that he "ever did and doth from his soul abhor and detest that most horrid and execrable murder", and that he had attended the Trial on the urging of Royalists, to protect the King. Richard Knightley 1610-1661, MP for Northampton, and a very active parliamentarian during the 1640's. Thomas Challoner 1595-1600, Politician and Regicide , he was consistently identified as one of the most 'bloody minded against the king' .
At the Restoration he was not included in the "Act of Oblivion" and was to forfeit life and estate, and so he fled to Holland where he died. Henry Grey, 10th Earl of Kent was, despite his reluctance to accept his appointment as one of the six peers named to the High Court, to try the Kings, he sought to collaborate with the regicidal regime of which his cousin, William Purefoy MP, was a member. His public career ended with the abolition of the Upper House in March 1649. Sir Gregory Norton, first baronet 1603–1652, Regicide, as Commissioner of the High Court, attended every session of the Trial before signing the Death Warrant. He was an energetic member of the Rump Parliament, and helped in the sale of Crown Property. His own gains from such sales led to suspicions of corruption.

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