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SOUTHAMPTON (Thomas Wriothesley, Lord, 4th Earl)
SOUTHAMPTON (Thomas Wriothesley, Lord, 4th Earl) Letter Signed to Sir Robert Pye, Auditor of His Majesties Receipt of Exchequer  asking that the sum of £100 Bounty be paid "unto Captain James Smith... in respect of his loyal Services performed by him",  
on 1 side folio or a bifolium sheet, annotated on the reverse by a clerk, traces of mounting at edges,
Lord Southampton "was remarkable for his freedom from any taint of corruption and for his efforts in the interests of economy and financial order," a noble if not completely objective view of his work as the keeper of the nation's finances. Samuel Pepys, his friend, admired Southampton's integrity and the stoicism with which he endured his painful last illness, but clearly had doubts about his competence as Treasurer; in particular he graphically described the Council meeting in April 1665 in his Diaries, where Southampton helplessly asked him where he was to find the funds requested. He was the son of the third Earl Henry Wriothsley, the "Fair Youth" of Shakespeare's Sonnets.

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