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STEWART (The Hon.Brig.General William) Outlines of a Plan for the Reform of the British Land Forces,  T.Egerton, 1806
46 pp. 8vo. stitched as issued, signed on the title "Col. Hope 60th Regt."
Stewart was intensely interested in weapons and tactics. His observations in 1799 of 'light infantry' and Tyrolese and Croat soldiers that did not fight in the rigid formations adopted by normal infantry units that led him to propose that the British Army should include a permanent force of 'light infantry', equipped with rifles. His ideas won support, especially from the influential Equerry to the King, Colonel Coote Manningham, who Stewart had first met in the West Indies In this pamphlet he advocated general adoption of many of the innovations he had already made within the 95th. Regt. Glover, The historian of the Peninsular War, wrote, "As a battalion commander, Stewart was surpassed only by Moore; as a general he was a menace."

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