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NAPOLEON. Décamps (A.G.del.) Bataille d'Aboukir,   c.1835
Handcoloured lithograph by C. Motte after Décamps, some marginal tears repaired, 14 x 16½ ins. laid down,
The first Battle of Aboukir was on 25th July 1799 and saw the defeat of the Ottoman Army sent to expel Napoleon from Egypt. The Ottoman army was formed up in two lines. The first was on the plain about a mile from the coast, the second on Mount Vizir, much nearer the sea. This division of their forces played directly into Napoleon's hands, allowing him to defeat the Ottoman force in detail, even taking a short break between phases of the battle. The battle of Aboukir saw the defeat of the second prong of the Ottoman invasion, and secured the French occupation of Egypt. Alexandre Gabriel Decamps (1803-1860), along with Delacroix and Gericault, Alexandre Gabriel Decamps is one of France's most esteemed Romanticist artists. He studied art in a variety of studios, including those of Ingres and David, but rebelled against academic traditions at a young age. First establishing himself as a painter animals, genre scenes, figure studies and landscapes, Decamps received medals from the Paris Salon in 1831 and 1834. A constant traveler, he spent some years in the south of France, Switzerland, Italy and the Levant. It was in the East, however, that he found the subjects most suited to his genius, and his Orientalist images were the first of a class in which there were many artistic followers throughout the nineteenth century. Many of Alexandre Decamps's Orientalist views were based upon his trips to Turkey or Smyrna.

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