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[BERINGER (DAVID)] A Beringer Travelling Diptych Sundial and Compass,  [David Beringer] C.1760
in boxwood 4¼ x 2½ ins opening up and secured at right angles, with a coloured cord or gnomon, between the two which would in sunlight cast a shadow on the 2 printed decorative handcoloured dials, printed on the lid is a list of 50 cities in Europe, but including Boston and New York, internally the colouring and definition is very bright, but the list on the lid is dust soiled and stained,
David Beringer is known to have been marketing these charming little compass sundials in the middle of the eighteenth century in Germany. Formerly these pieces were made in metal sometimes precious as they were prestigious items to own. Beringer, in the Age of Enlightenment, aware of a larger market, used printing to get away from costly engraving of each item. Using bright colouring to take the eye, these delightful objects proved very popular, however by their very construction they were ephemeral. While the majority of the cities mentioned are German or near Germany, it is interesting to see Boston, Philadelphia and New York included. Obviously the importance of trade with the New World was not missed by Beringer.
The cord, or gnomon could be adjusted depending on which city the user was in.

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