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KORAN. Sale (George) The Koran; commonly called, The Alcoran of Mohammed:  translated from the Original Arabic: with Explanatory Notes, taken from the most approved commentators; to which is prefixed, a Preliminary Discourse, Charles Mason, 1836
New Edition, xiv + 91) + 517 pp. 8vo, original cloth, rebacked spine laid down,
Sale made this translation "at leisure times only, and amidst the necessary avocations of a troublesome profession". He added a long 'preliminary discourse', a compendium of all that was known about the religion of Islam. The 1734 edition was the only one that was published during his lifetime, but the translation was reprinted in 1746, 1764, and many times afterwards, most recently in 1984. In 1921 Edward Denison Ross claimed that Sale's version had not been superseded by any subsequent translation, and that his discourse still remained the best introduction in any European language to the study of Islam. More than fifty years later Sale's objectivity still guarded him from criticism in Edward Said's Orientalism.

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