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MAO TSE-TUNG Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung,  Foreign Language Press, December 16, 1966
First English Language Edition, portrait, facsimile of Lin Piao's manuscript endorsement, [iv] + viii + 312 pp. inscription on endpaper, sm.8vo. original red plastic wrapper,
Designated "Second Edition" in the Foreword, the first had been in Chinese in 1964, this was the first edition to appear after that in the English Language. The movement began in September 1965 with a speech by Lin Piao (aka Lin Biao) who urged pupils in schools and colleges to return to the basic principles of the revolutionary movement. Lin Piao was the General who led the People's Liberation Army into Beijing in 1949. He abstained from becoming a major player in politics until he rose to prominence during the Cultural Revolution, climbing as high as second-in-charge and Mao Zedong's designated and constitutional successor and comrade-in-arms. Lin worked closely with Mao, creating a cult of personality for him. Lin compiled some of Chairman Mao's writings in the handbook, Quotations from Chairman Mao. In the end, though, he was officially condemned as a traitor, and is still recognized as one of the two major counter-revolutionary parties during the Cultural Revolution. The Cultural Revolution was earmarked by the wholesale burning of western literature and music as well as any other objects deemed heresy by the Communist leaders of this era. Thus, when Lin Piao was declared a traitor to Mao and the Revolution after his death in a plane crash, and a rumoured Coup against Mao in 1971, all printed/distributed copies of the "Quotations of Chairman Mao" were banned and destroyed when found. To own a copy with Lin Piao's endorsement was at best considered unpatriotic.

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