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LITTRÉ (Émile ) Dictionnaire de la Langue Français  contenant 1e Pour la Nomenclature: 2e Pour La Grammaire; 3e Pour La Signification des Mots; 4e Pour La Partie Historique; 5 Pour L'Étymologie; Librairie Hachette et Cie. Paris, 1873-1874
[iv] + lx + 1-944, iv + 945-2080, vi + 1-1396, iv + 1397-2628 pp. a total of 4708 pages, marbled edges, small library stamp on title,
4 vols. modern buckram, leather labels,
Émile Littré (1801-1881) Philosopher and Lexicographer, commenced his major work in 1844 and took 30 years for its completion. Working on Le National under its editor Armand Carrel, later becoming its Director, he came across the works of Auguste Comte and sought to popularise his positivist philosophy. The Dictionnaire, finished in 1873, was written on 415,636 sheets, bundled in packets of a thousand, and stored in wooden crates filling the cellar of Littré's home in Mesnil-leRoi.

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