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ASHBEE (H.S.) A Ride to Peking,  W. Lindsay & Co. London, 1881
10 pp. title spotted, disbound, Privately Printed to be circulated among Ashbee's circle of friends,
This is a record of two days in the saddle from Tiensin to Peking. In the company of two Americans "the colonel... the dread of all juvenile celestials", the other a doctor who "had tried his hand at almost everything without having achieved fortune or immortality". The journey was of discomfort, however the sight of the walls of Peking he describes as "very imposing, - beautiful certainly not, striking , and unlike what one encounters in Europe... It is the lofty wall of Peking, flanked at regular intervals with large square towers, which fills the approaching traveller with amazement."
printed to be circulated among his circle of friends.
Henry Spencer Ashbee, 1834–1900, whose pseudonym "Pisanus Fraxi" is a scatological anagram of latinised Ash Bee, Fraxinus Apis. He was one of the great book collectors of the nineteenth century, particularly in the fields of Erotica and Don Quixote. His bibliophile salons in the Albany were legendary,
included Sir Richard Burton, John Camden Hotten, and Richard Monkton Milne. David Chabers his biographer considers that he "was proud to be English, and of the empire, thought little of those outside Europe apart from the Japanese. By religion a lapsed protestant, he had a particular disregard for the Church of Rome and its priests." This little snippet is not prefaced or followed up with any detail of his greater journey round the world in 1881-2.


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