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VETTIER (Jacques)
VETTIER (Jacques) Big Game Hunting  in Asia, Africa and Elsewhere, Trophy Room Books, Agoura, 1993
illustrated with over 325 photos, 400 pp. 4to, gilt embossed binding, Limited to 1000 copies Numbered, and Signed by the Author,
This is the first English Language Edition of this classic work. It contains 10 additional chapters and a third more photographs than the French edition. "Jacques Vettier is a member of a generation that has seen Big Game Hunting paradises close the world. Although a veteran of more hunts than most Weatherby Award winners, he is not a man of royalty, nor is he a billionaire industrialist. Simply put, he is a man who sought worldwide adventure as a big game hunter, as a man who through knowledge and experience has grown to respect and admire the trophies he sought. Jacques has met the world's big game animals on their own terms and in their own domain, in their own forests and jungles and on their own mountains."

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