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AFGHANISTAN. A Magnificent Pashtun Tribal Wedding Dress Laden with Beadwork, Embroidery, and Coins,  the breast, shoulders and cuffs embroidered on cloth with cloth strands in geometric designs, edged with bands of beadwork and shoulder tassels, the breast piece consisting of 7 tassels of beads and metal work each 12 ins long, with ca central panel of beads and embroidery, on the right hand side an elaborate oblong pocket with triangular head and tail decoration 18 x 7 ins at the widest point. densely beaded with mirrored eyes, fringed with tiny bells, the cuffs of the sleeves with two bead emroidered roundells on a 4 ins border of beads embroidery and coins,the border of the skirt coverd with a band, 13 ins. of embroidered silver and gold metal thread embroidery with trefoils and flowers,  c.1985
43 ins long, the body of 2 styles of modern velvet fabric on deep purple the other for the sleeves in a figured design in purple, red, orange and green, linded with orange cloth,
A glorious flourish of old, traditional design, with modern materials. With the break up of Afghan Society, the Russian and American Invasions, the traditional Arts and Crafts have been scattered. While the nation has an underlying tribal and nomadic heart, the removal of vast quantities of the population into disjointed refugee camps around the country and in Pakistan, has broken up much of the traditional craft skills. The making of such a traditional dress, would need stability, cost much in time for collecting materials, and stability for its use.

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