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INDIA. A Collection of 13 Brass Stamps used in the worship of Vishnu as Krishna in particular the ritual of Pancasamskara "the five inpressions",  on devoting oneself to membershipo of one of the ancient sects of Sri Vaishnava. The individual chooses a guru and recieves a spiritual name, the tikla on the forehead of devotion to Vishnu, marking on the shoulders with Vishnu's emblems of the Conch and Wheel, instruction in ritual worship, and three personal mantras. All other ways of devotion and practice are excluded but respected, Norther India, 19th century
the Stamps, circular, oval square or rectangular range from 20 x 20 mm to 30 x 65mm and 40 mm diameter, with strapwork finials between 20 and 54 mm high, the flat portions, image or text, are made with shaped lengths of brass strip, som with traces of the henna paste used for the marking dried within them.
Check list: 1. Chackra (wheel or discus) 40 mm diameter, with 48 points radiating from six-point star. A similar wheel from Bengal is on display at the British Museum, Room 33, Case 9. 2-4.3 Conches, spirals within borders of small circles. 5-6. Oval with concentric circles. 7. Oval stamp of a bony Fish. 8. Rectangular stamp 17 x 54 mm with Bengali lettering "Radha Krishna". Radha, Krishna's favourite consort, is a type that every soul that waits to be born. 9. Rectangular stamp 30 x 55 mm.with unusual lettering a 2 x 6 syllable rhyming mantra. 10-11. 2 square 12 syllable mantras with similar texts to each other in variety of Devanagari script. 12-13. 2 square 9 syllable mantras with the same text but slightly differing letter forms. We are grateful to Mrs Nalini Persad and Ms Sona Datta for help with this note.

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