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ETHIOPIAN FOLK ART. An Oil Painting on board, depicting the conflict between the Ethiopians and the Italians at the Battle of Adwa, during the first Italo-Ethiopian War,   Addis Abbaba, collected c.1960
32 x 25 ins framed,
An iconic picture with the Ethiopian forces on the left and the Italians on the right including Red Cross tents. In the sky is a lacuna with St. George, the patron Saint of Ethiopia, on a charger, with two winged cherubs, leading the Ethiopians on. This battle was fought on the 1st March 1896 and was the climactic battle of the first Italo-Ethiopian war. It was a complete rout of the Italians by the Ethiopians under Emperor Menelik II, in Tigray. The strength of the two forces was 17,700 Italians with modern firearms, and 100,000 Ethiopians with antiquated firearms and spears. Their retribution on captured survivors was harsh, amputation of the right hand and left foot, and in some cases castration. When the news hit Italy there were demonstrations in the major cities. The question posed later is why Menelik II didn't use his advantage, and get rid of the Italians in Ethiopia. The direct result of the battle was the Treaty of Addis Abba when the Italians recognised Ethiopia as an independant state. The battle was a beacon to the rest of Africa oppressed by Empire Builders. The retribution came under Mussolini nearly 40 years later, which held Ethiopia for five years from 1936-1941.

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