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KEPPEL (Admiral Augustus, Viscount, 1725-1786)
KEPPEL (Admiral Augustus, Viscount, 1725-1786) A Fine Wedgewood Jasperware Oval Portrait Medallion,   1780
3/4 ins. facing sinister, possibly for a memorial ring,
Not in Reilley & Savage which records 2 portraits. Ours is much more like the second from the wig and dress. Probably modelled in 1780. An accomplished seaman who was with Anson on his circumnavigation. He later served as Commander on the North American Station, and later became First Lord of the Admiralty. His appointment to the Channel Fleet in 1778 and the subsequent aborted engagement with the French Fleet at Ushant led to his court-marshall after his rear commander Sir Hugh Palliser refused to return to battle stations. He was honourably aquitted and thanked for his services by Parliament, and Palliser was reprimanded.

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