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PRIESTLEY (Joseph) A Fine White Medal Portrait Medallion  Bust Profile right "Josephus Priestley" by Phipson, to commemorate his death, on the verso "Magnus Christianus Philosphus" around the edge, and "Apr. VIII Litora Linquens Columbian Advenit Junii IV MDCCXCIV. Natus 13 Mart 1773, Mort 6 Feb 1804",  1804
2ΒΌ ins very slight wear,
Priestley died at Northumberland, Pennsylvania on the 6th of February 1804. One of the great thinkers of the 18th Century, his work in the fields of philosophy and science are particularly noteworthy. He lived here on the Green in Calne for seven years during his time as the Earl of Shelburne's Librarian. Here he "discovered" Oxygen, and developed his erroneous phlogiston theory.

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