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ABERIGH-MACKAY (George) Twenty-one Days in India,  being the Tour of Sir Ali Baba, K.C.B.  1880
Second Edition, hf. calf, spine laid down, some wear, boards stained,
These Notes, first published in Vanity Fair, are rich with purple prose and lightheaded views of India and the Indian scene. "A Nawab... often used to ask what the use of a Viceroy was...I always replied with the counter question 'What is the use of India ?'. He never would see - the Oriental mind does not see these things - that the chief and an object of India was the Viceroy, that, in fact India was the plant and the viceroy was the flower." George Robert Aberigh-Mackay, 1848-1881), Anglo-Indian writer, was the son of a Bengal chaplain. Entering the Indian education department in 1870, he became professor of English literature in Delhi College in 1873, tutor to the Raja of Rutlam in 1876, and principal of the Rajkumar College at Indore in 1877. Twenty-one Days is a satire upon Anglo-Indian society and modes of thought.

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